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i will be painting LIVE at Neiman Marcus SAN FRANCISCO on 22 sept 6pm ..
pop by and say hi!...
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  • Listening to: CHINESE HIPHOP
  • Reading: nonsense
  • Watching: spongebob squarepants
  • Playing: ANGRY BIRDS
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Stepping out of the cyber-realms and entering the "real world", TOYSREVIL will be setting up shop at the coming Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention 2009 from August 13th to 16th!

Drop by Booth C16 at STGCC for a host of Toy Launches, Signing Sessions and "Live" Toy-Custom Demos - featuring local artists PHU! (Rebel Pilots V2.0 Toy Launch & Signing) and ANTZ (Thunder Ape Mini-Grobot Singapore-Launch & Signing), as well as the first ever Toysrevil-Exclusive YOKA by adFunture!

There will also be a a selection of products made available (in limited quantities) including YOKA Series 1 and Mini-Grobot, as well as TRE-Exclusive papertoys from Jack Hankins aka Horrorwood and Sjors Trimbach! Also be on the lookout for other goodness to enthrall you into the world of designer art toys!

More details to be revealed, leading up to the Preview Night on Thursday August 13th, and official Public Opening on Friday August 14th from 4pm. Stay tuned to (and follow!) the TOYSREVIL-Twitter for on-the-spot contests and surprises direct from the Convention-floor at Suntec City International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Convention Hall 401-402), Singapore.

The Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Convention is opened to the public from Friday August 14th (from 4pm-9pm) to Sunday August 16th (closes at 8pm). CLICK THRU for the Activity Schedule for Booth C16 and details about the toys to be launched - and remember to drop by, say hi (*cough-buy toys-cough*) and we talk toys!



5pm-6pm: Toy Launch of TOYSREVIL-Exclusive YOKA
7pm-8pm: Toy Launch of Rebel Pilot & Signing by PHU!


1pm-2pm: Signing Session with Andy Heng for TOYSREVIL-Exclusive YOKA (by adFunture)
3pm-4pm: Signing Session with ANTZ for "Thunder Ape" Mini-Grobot (by adFunture)
Between 5pm-7pm: "Live" Toy Custom Demo by PHU!


11am-12pm: Signing Session with Andy Heng for TOYSREVIL-Exclusive YOKA (by adFunture)
1pm-2pm: Signing Session with ANTZ for "Thunder Ape" Mini-Grobot (by adFunture)
Between 3pm-5pm: "Live" Toy Custom Demo by ANTZ

Due to an overwhelming response from the 1st version of Rebel Pilots, PHU! had decided to run another limited production of 10 in crystal clear resin (produced by Dogrrr). Standing 2" tall - each piece is individually molded, cast & hand polished, and is priced at US$77 per. (Due to the nature of resin, each figure has minor imperfection and no two are identical)

PHU!'s Rebel Pilots V2.0 will be launched at TOYSREVIL Booth C16 on Friday August 14, 2009 from 7pm-8pm. And will be made available at C16 for the duration of the Convention (August 14-16) or until it is sold out.

adFunture's first series of Mini-Grobots was launched at the recent Taipei Toy Festival, with one of the designs by local artist ANTZ. Now "Thunder Ape" is coming to Singapore for STGCC!

The "Thunder Ape" Mini-Grobot will be made available at Booth C16 from Thursday August 13th (Preview Night) thru to Sunday August 16th (Public Opening from Friday August 14th at 4pm). ANTZ will be appearing "live" for signing sessions on Saturday August 15th (3pm-4pm) and Sunday August 16th (1pm-2pm)

Very Limited Quantities of the Mini-Grobot will be available at Booth C16 from August 13-16th - and/or until stocks lasts (Price undetermined).

To commemorate the launch of the TOYSREVIL Booth @ STGCC 2009 - TRE will unleash it's very first exclusive toy; the TOYSREVIL YOKA from adFunture! Standing 7.5cm / 3 inches tall, the TRE-Exclusive YOKA is limited to only 100 pieces worldwide, and comes with a display blister-card. (Price undetermined)

The TOYSREVIL YOKA will be launched on Friday August 14th (5pm-6pm) at Booth C16, and will be made available throughout the rest of the Convention (August 14-16th). Very limited quantities will be made available online for overseas TRE-readers. Please email in advance for inquiries at toysrevil [at]

After the Toy Launch on August 14th, TOYSREVIL's Andy Heng will be having two signing sessions on Saturday August 15th (1pm-2pm) and Sunday August 16th (11am-12noon) - so do drop by and say hi, and we talk toys :)

ANTZ + PHU and TRE!…
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dbl O (Official)
Music/Arts - Exhibit
Start Time:
Friday, May 29, 2009 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 3:00am
dbl O
Unity Street
Singapore, Singapore

Venue: PRBdbl O ( Pool Room Bar at dbl O)

Invited Guests from ANTZ and other dbl O ARTISTS:
Complimentary creations of Russian Standard Vodka and finger food will be served.
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SEPT 20 & 21 (SAT & SUN), Pacific Plaza Adidas Originals Store (singapore)
Sat: 4pm - 8pm
Sun: 3pm - 7pm

expecting chinese elements fused wif urban touches of adidas

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On the 14th of June, the NSBQ x SCYTHE Launch party & Sole Obsession Exhibition was held at the Ministry Of Sound Singapore, where a scheduled Graffiti Showcase featuring MC Yan (HK) x ANTZ x KILLER GERBIL x ZERO resulted in a freestyle throwup 3-piece canvas measuring 15ft x 4ft.

This seamless collaboration has formed a masterpiece which is now set to be auctioned off, with the proceeds benefitting Sichuan earthquake victims.

Each canvas measures 5ft x 4ft and can be sold separately (though not encouraged). If you are really interested in just purchasing one portion of the 3-piece canvas, each piece will be sold at SGD 5,000 buyout price.

Visit ANTZ's blog at… & KILLER GERBIL's blog at for more info on the painting.

Or for any further enquiries, pls feel free to contact Yi Fang at 96564159 or email
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Yan aka MC Yan will kick off this night with a Music Workshop specially catered to hip hop enthusiasts, DJ and rapper wannabes. Get up close and personal with MC Yan as he recounts his journey of having been on the iconic Cantonese hip hop group – Lazy Mutha Fuckaz, and lets in on what he has in store for the future. The Ministry of Sound’s resident DJs – Tang and Rattle, together with DJ KoFlow, will also be sharing the limelight as they talk about their experiences on cutting albums.

Feast your eyes on the limited edition serialised shirts (only 88 pieces in the world) which are the birth of
the collaboration between NSBQ and Scythe, topped off with an exhibition of dope kicks by Sole

Also get to rub shoulders with the crème de la crème of the local and international arts scene as we
present live graffiti showcases by MC Yan and local graffiti artists – Antz, Killer Gerbil and Zero.

And proceed to dance the night away with hip hop ringing in the background.

MINISTRY OF SOUND SINGAPORE doors open at 8pm! 14 june!
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backpack break? get ur urban mix at the tiger translate bash at the marina club on thursday, may 8 at 9pm, beats by Dj Don and live art installation by ANTZ. location thanon luang prabang [downtown].
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yup...been bz wif work....uploaded couple of stuffs...hope u will enjoy!
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been pretty busy wif my new place....itz tough to juggle ur full time job and to find time to do things tat i really wanted to~

itz been a good start of the yr,painting wif ppl like the killer gerbil, zero, the london police, Pez, Flying fortness, darbotz etc...and of ppl tat i noe from my workplace and learning more tings tat i never DARED to risk my life to do it...

more artworks and updates are in my blog >

hope u guyz enjoying ur lives....
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"Auld Lang Syne"

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And never brought to mind?

Should auld acquaintance be forgot
And days of Auld Lang Syne.

And days of Auld Lang Syne, my friend,
And days of Auld Lang Syne.
we'll drink a cup of kindness yet
To days of Auld Lang Syne.

cheers to the folks in DA...thx for supporting esp the locals
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all customs can be currently viewed @ Ozzo Collection:
18 Cross Street, #02-20 (Level Two)
China Square Central (Open Daily 12pm-7pm)

Local purchases directly from Ozzo (ask for Mike) and for foreign/overseas orders ~ please inquire

featuring more LOCAL ass kicking talents - ZERO, THE KILLERGERBIL, 1 2 DELTA, illustromanic and many more!!!!!!...wooootttt…
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tings i did tat i dun post in DA...i update more on my blog


Thu Feb 23, 2006, 7:00 AM

a site for a quick throw ups ....i dun really wan to feature them in DA...=)

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MINDLESS in words

Sat Feb 11, 2006, 11:21 AM

c r e a t i v i t y . i s n t . a . SKILL . i t s . a . GIFT

well said...

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Back from Nature

Sat Jan 21, 2006, 6:42 AM
Just back from a short company's retreat on a sunny eastern island - pulau ubin for a good 3 days 2 nites meetings/chill out session

and i have to state tat this is really rare for me to wake up to the sound of nature- yes, no cars, no noisy neighbourhood, trains, TV!!!! and watsoever tat pisses me off....

u guyz shud try it!...and i got my largest collection of nature themed photoshots in tiz retreat, lotsa plants, insects, and animals textures to play wif in my future artworks. tats the most meaningful things i did besides the boring meetings and drinking sessions, i will ride away on my rented bicycle and start to bash into the forest and start abusing my camera...=)

and yup, itz been quite tiring after i came back to singapore, i went to my art buddy- KILLERGERBIL's gallery… along wif his fellow artvst partners...itz an eye opening to noobs like me on the topic of graffiti and paintings...really enjoyed my life lately and less pissed...

argh i so hate typing wif my fucked language so i gotta stop for now...btw i will be posting up couple of noobish photo shots tat i kinda pound of, and a commissioned TEE SHIRT i did couple of weeks ago from signing off folks!

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watsup ppl?

Tue Jan 10, 2006, 6:48 PM
itz a brand new year, brand new start. aiming high on hopes and a big step in my career path tiz year...

yup...busy wif couple of artworks lately, tinking where shud i go (work) after my service in the force.
so i m good to "release" myself for any job offers in singapore...=(


an artwork for valentine day, delicated to my love ones
a couple of collabs - artvst ,jimlay , surfer girl and some others in DA
a visual for VC
my resume
a fusion painting - spray VS paint
and couple of vector practises

so...watsup u guyz?

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happy holidays

Wed Dec 21, 2005, 7:23 AM…

i m featured!!!

merry christmas ppl!
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hmmm i seems to found it

Thu Dec 15, 2005, 6:27 AM
sup ppl?juz upload my bunny bag onto my webcam...check it out! it might freak some of u guyz out...

watsup ppl? yup..been very hardcore-ly busy wif my company's event...from planning to visual to setups to running the event...and finally to pack u can imagine how much of work is put into it..

well..remember on wat i wanna reflect on during my break?...i guess i starting to fall in love wif the extreme sport - PAINTBALL!
..well..itz the only sport tat allows me to play wif my glasses on...(yes i hate contacts).

i dunnoe wat u guyz tink abt this game...but i m loving it...i can fully vent all my stress and anger in tiz game, and trust me...THE TIME WILL COME WHEN YOU WILL NOT WANT TO BE RECOGNISED BY YOUR SUPERIORS!!!! and i had my fun for the past 2 days at my station, played against the military and students and of superiors, both party suffered badly in the battle wif sores and aches...especially u guys shud try playing under the hot armpits of the sun...ouch...

at least til now, IF i dun see much of a future from myself..i might venture into tis sport or even out up a cafe to chill around...

chills out folks!
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